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Contest Page

Contests end June 28, 2011.

Contest I.  Solve the mystery of The Davie Code and win a valuable prize! Be the first to decode The Code.

What does Claude Debussy have to do with it?  Does the piece have anything to do with one of his?  If so, what?  Or is it something else entirely?  What about Ravel?  Or is that just to throw you off the track? 
Contest II.  A Little Flight Music is a tribute to Don Byas.  How is it related to one of his recordings?  Be as specific as possible.  If the words of a song occur to you, include that.  Remember, he recorded with other than jazz singers, but that may or may not be relevant.
Email your solution(s) to:

Contest Rules:
Winner agrees that her/his name and location (city and state) can be published in this web site.  Winner may provide a link to her/his own web site.
We're sorry, the Davie Code contest is NOT open to players of the flute, viola or harp. No such restriction applies to the Flight Music contest.
Void where prohibited. 
Separate prizes will be awarded to winner of each contest. 
The Davie Code contest officially begins when the cd is released.  However, if you think you can get it from the sound samples, feel free to submit your answer now.  The Flight Music contest starts now.  There is no limit to the number of times you may enter and you may enter either or both of the contests.  Good luck!